The Research Team

Stephen POINTING, Project Leader (Yale-NUS College, National University of Singapore, Kanazawa University)
Stephen ARCHER, co-Project Leader (Auckland University of Technology, Yale-NUS College)
Tancredi CARUSO (University College Dublin)
Chris GREENING (Monash University)
Rachael LAPPAN (Monash University)
Kevin LEE (Auckland University of Technology)
Teruya MAKI (Kanazawa University)
Tina SANTL-TEMKIV (Aarhus University)

A large number of individuals have generously provided logistical support and hospitality during the field sampling phase of this project. Special thanks are due to the following:

Barbara Bollard
Murray George
Timothy Lawrence
Suhana Sulaiman
Celina, Willian and Levin Fowler-Blum
Mike Watson
Don Cowan
Jean Baptise-Ramon
Max Oritz
Olivia Pitt
Richie Worth
Claudia Etchebehere
Lucila and Augustin Provvindente
Kimberly Warren-Rhodes
Jonathan Garcia Araya
Benito Gomez Silva
Craig Walther
Fritz Klasner
William Stahm
Jessica Dempsey
Henry Sun
Chris McKay
Norma Charest
Ian Hogg
Bryan Vandenbrink
Antonio Alcami
Alberto Rastrojo
Fernando Maestre
Dina Al-Mailem
Mayada Khaleel Kansour
Batdelger Gantsetseg

and many more to come

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